Ten Towns Committee
Local Initiatives
Flashing icon that says: NewMendham Township recently completed a comprehensive inventory of all its Conservation Easements and made notification to all affected property owners.  We are publishing their Project Description and all the related documents, for use as a pattern for action by other communities.

On June 24, 2005, the Ten Towns Committee celebrated its 10th anniversary at a gala festival at the site that is to become the new Visitors Center for the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge.


  • Non-point Source Inventories of Great Swamp Streams
    • Loantaka Brook (completed 2000)
    • Black Brook (completed 2001)
    • Great Brook (completed 2002)
    • Primrose Brook (completed 2004)
    • Upper Passaic River (anticipated 2006)
  • Stream Monitoring Programs for Great Swamp Streams
    • Chemical and physical characteristics
    • Macroinvertebrate inventories
  • Expanded Water Sampling Program Within Refuge
  • First-Flush Stormwater Study
  • Monitor Effectiveness of Best Management Practices Sites
  • Lake and Pond Studies
    • GIS mapping of location and size of all lakes and ponds in watershed
    • Detailed 2-year sampling study of 15 selected lakes and ponds
  • Comprehensive GIS Mapping and Description of All Stormwater Outfalls in Watershed
Best Management Practices-- On-The-Ground Demonstration Sites
Regulatory Initiatives
  • Development and Adoption of Model Ordinances in Ten Towns
  • Application for Exemption from NJ Residential Site Improvement Standards t
  • Permit Stricter Environmental Standards
  • Coordinating Efforts for Passage of Bagger and Martin Bill for Special Area Recognition of Great Swamp Watershed
Education and Public Outreach
  • Understanding New Jersey's New Stormwater Regulations ~ An Introduction For Municipal Officials
  • Fact Sheets for Best Management Practices
  • Stormwater Management Manual (in press)
  • Environmentally Sensitive Road Design (in preparation)
  • Water Quality Standards in Great Swamp Watershed (and accompanying Primer on Nutrients)
  • Stormwater Management Workshops for Each Member Town (planned 2003)
  • Lake and Pond Maintenance Seminar (SEP 2002)
  • Golf Course Best Practices Seminar (JAN 2003)
  • Aquatic Ecosystem Seminar (planned for Spring 2003)
  • Environmental Education Programs (schools, citizens, engineers, planners; t
  • be developed in 2003)
  • Special Topics Speakers at Ten Towns Committee Meetings (ongoing)

We regularly sponsor training courses and seminars.

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