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Accomplishments 1995-2007
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  1. Conducted comprehensive watershed management fact-finding: Received presentations from twenty-four speakers.
  2. Completed request for proposals (RFP) process to retain a consulting engineer, especially to assist in preparing a watershed management plan.
  3. Completed watershed management plan, May 1997.
  4. Plan adopted by all Ten Towns municipalities, October 1998.
  5. Completed analysis of best existing municipal environmental ordinances.
  6. Obtained grants totaling $847,900 for watershed management activities.
  7. Established water quality monitoring program with assistance from a volunteer "stream team."
  8. Completed individual riparian corridor buffer analysis for each Ten Towns municipality.
  9. Established mini-grant program for municipalities to analyze vacant sub-dividable land and municipal environmental ordinances vis--vis first round "model" ordinances.
  10. Assisted Great Swamp Watershed Association in preparing a video on the importance of preserving the Great Swamp Watershed.
  11. Conducted seminars on watershed management.
  12. Proceeding with best management practices (BMPs)/demonstration projects
    • Retrofitted stormwater detention basin
    • State-of-the-art grass swale filtration system
    • Stormwater bioretention system
    • Developed seven stream corridor buffer projects, three projects completed in 2001.
  13. Established macroinvertebrate water quality monitoring program (2000)./s Program continues on an annual basis.
  14. Completed detailed environmental assessment of Great Swamp streams.
    • Loantaka Brook (completed 2000)
    • Black Brook (completed 2001)
    • Great Brook (completed 2001)
    • Primrose Brook (completed 2004)
    • Passaic River (planned 2006)
  15. Completed preparation of model environmental ordinances and recommendation to Ten Towns municipalities.
  16. Conducted "first flush" analysis of four storm events in streams of the Great Swamp.
  17. Developed educational fact sheets for distribution to municipalities and other organizations:
    • Great Swamp Watershed Management Plan
    • Bioretention Systems for Stormwater Management
    • Stormwater Management with Filtration Systems
    • Stormwater Management
    • Watershed Management
    • Detention Basin Retrofit
  18. Established educational display on Ten Towns Committee activities and watershed management for used at public meetings.
  19. Established Ten Towns web site: tentowns.org
  20. Conducted program of meeting with municipal governing bodies to report on Ten Towns activities and discuss adoption of model environmental ordinances.
  21. Established program for presentation/display of educational materials on watershed management at municipal libraries in the Great Swamp watershed.
  22. Prepared an environmental study of lakes and ponds (2001).
  23. Initiated project to develop an environmentally sensitive road design standards.
  24. Developed comprehensive scope of activities including education, upgraded water quality monitoring and construction of best management practices funded by a $299,300 EPA grant.
  25. Established plan review subcommittee to assist in revision of environmentally sensitive development applications.
  26. Presented environmental achievement awards to individuals and municipal and county governments (June 2001).
  27. Established expanded water monitoring program including first monitoring within the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service refuge (2001-2002).
  28. Completed second environmental study of lakes and ponds in the watershed to provide comparable data over two years.
  29. Obtained renewal of five-year easements for water monitoring sampling sites.
  30. Revised and upgraded Ten Towns web site.
  31. Implemented EPA grant activities including:
    • Conducted one-on-one seminars on storm water management/smart growth/low density development in Ten Towns municipalities.
    • Conducted "General" and "Technical" seminars on storm water management, including Phase II water quality regulations.
    • Conducted Environmentally Sensitive Golf Course/Open Space seminar.
    • Conducted Aaquatic Ecosystem Restoration seminar.
    • Conducted Volunteer Lake Monitoring and Lake Education seminar.
    • Published Volunteer Lake Monitoring Handbook.
    • Conducted follow-up training and lake monitoring "audits".
    • Prepared Retrofit Detention Basin and Stormwater Outfall Inventories for the Great Swamp Watershed.
    • Selected major Best Management Practices demonstration site and completed designed for improvements.
  32. Presented second series of Environmental Achievement Awards (June 2003).
  33. Completed design for stream corridor and bioretention Demonstration Project at Bayne Park/Christ the King Church complex. Construction to begin in 2004.
  34. Completed St. James Church Detention Basin Retrofit Demonstration Project.
  35. Completed a Ten Towns Committee Strategic Planning meeting (April 2004).
  36. Completed Shrine of St. Joseph Bioretention Demonstration Project (June 2004).


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