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The Ten Towns Great Swamp Watershed Management Committee gratefully acknowledges the members of the Great Swamp Watershed Association's Stream Team.  These volunteers maintain monitoring stations in each of the five streams of the Great Swamp watershed. 

Because we are primarily interested in water quality and quantity during storm events, these volunteers are truly our foul-weather friends.  Every time it rains, they are out collecting samples, measuring stream velocities, changing batteries, etc.

Through their efforts, we are developing a database that will help us tremendously in developing better management practices for the future.

Bill Allen
Ellen Drury
Terry Dyben
Roger Edwards
Gene Fox
Todd Hayes
Michael Hartwig
Alex Pawlowski
Lee Pollock
Frank Stillinger
Robin Timmons
Joe Attamante
Joe Balwierczak
Dick Barrett
Neil Borman
Lou Caprioglio
Kelly Curran
Gail Davies
Tom Dolan
Pam Harding
Kris Joppe-Mercure
Ned Kirby
Bob Lowary
Allan Luisi
Bill Marshall
Karen Patterson
Beth Romero
Blaine Rothauser
Julia Somers
Joanne White
Charles Whitmore

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