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The Management Plan
This section highlights the work that the Ten Towns Committee performs to coordinate the adoption of protection standards by its sponsoring local governments.
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There are two major components to the local government programs, The Great Swamp Watershed Management Plan and a series of Model Ordinances.

The Great Swamp Watershed Management Plan was designed to maintain the ecological integrity of the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge and its surrounds.  The Management Plan has been adopted by the governing bodies of all ten towns.

Specific goals were established for the following:

  • Water Quantity
  • Water Quality
  • Macroinvertebrates
  • Stream Characteristics
  • Vegetation
  • Flooding
  • Wastewater

You can get an overview appreciation of the plan by viewing the summary brochure.  Page 1    Page 2    Page 3    Page 4

In order to further the goals of the plan, a set of Model Ordinances has been developed.

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