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The Ten Towns Great Swamp Watershed Management Committee exists for the specific purpose of developing and implementing a watershed management plan for the Great Swamp watershed in the upper Passaic River basin of northern New Jersey.  The Committee was formed in 1995 through an Intermunicipal Agreement among the ten municipalities that have lands within the Great Swamp watershed and by Somerset and Morris Counties.  Read a history of the evolution and charter of the Ten Towns Great Swamp Watershed Management Committee.  We have been recognized for our work through a series of awards.

The organization is supported by annual financial contributions from each of its charter member towns and counties, by state and federal grants, and by private donations.  We have 501(c)(3) status.

The Ten Towns Committee was dissolved on June 30, 2010.  This website is maintained as a repository of the studies and plans the Committee completed during its lifetime.
All meetings of the full Ten Towns Committee are open to the public.  Minutes of all meetings are posted on the Minutes page.

Flashing icon that says: NewRead our 2007-2008 Annual Report

The September-December, 2007 Interim Stream Sampling Report for the Great Swamp Watershed is available.

See photos of stormwater in the Great Swamp April 16, 2007 on the Great Swamp Watershed Association website.

In March, 2006, the Ten Towns Committee adopted a Best Management Practice entitled Discharges from Residential Swimming Pools.  Member communities are urged to give this the widest distribution to pool-owning residences.

Mendham Township recently completed a comprehensive inventory of all its Conservation Easements and made notification to all affected property owners.  We are publishing their Project Description and all the related documents, for use as a pattern for action by other communities.

Congress is working on legislation to remove tax credits for donations of conservation easements.  To learn more about this, please visit the Land Trust Alliance.

New Jersey DEP Environmental Primer.

View a series of documents and plans for the Loantaka Brook Headwaters Restoration Project

Flashing icon that says: NewThe 2009 Macroinvertebrate Sampling Report is posted.

Shrine of St. Joseph Bioretention Demonstration Project

Understand New Jersey's new stormwater legislation by reading this Introduction for Municipal Officials and read a short list of municipal action items.

On our Links Page

  • New Jersey's stormwater regulations - A state DEP website with information about the new stormwater permitting and management programs and other useful ideas on how you can help keep our state's waters clean.
This map derived from one created by the Great Swamp Watershed Association using data provided
by the NJDEP.  This secondary product has not been verified or authorized by the NJDEP.  May 2003.
The Ten Towns Great Swamp Watershed Management Committee freely shares its technical data.  Read our Technical Data Policy.  The Executive Director is the Custodian of all documents under the New Jersey Open Public Records Act.

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