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Local Non-Profit

  • Great Swamp Watershed Association - A non-profit citizens action group with a lot of local information about the Great Swamp watershed and ‘hotspots’ of environmental concern.
  • Passaic River Coalition - A non-profit group that works closely with the NJDEP and regional environmental groups to protect water resources and public health within the Passaic River basin.
  • Friends of Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge - An independent nonprofit group that does volunteer work for the refuge and organizes events.  A good site to help plan your next visit to the swamp.
  • Morris Land Conservancy - A local non-profit organization that works to preserve open space.
  • Garden State EnviroNet - An award-winning site with huge amounts of environmental information.
Associations Federal
  • U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Learn more about the federal organization that manages the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge.
  • EPA Watershed Academy - This is where to find the latest in federal policies and information about watershed management.
  • USGS Water Resources in NJ - The U. S. Geological Survey provides hydrologic data and interpretation for the state of New Jersey.  Lots of information!
State County Pesticides Other Reference

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