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InterMunicipal Cooperative Agreement - II
    Whereas, Bernards Township, the Borough of Bernardsville, Chatham Township, Harding Township, Long Hill Township, the Borough of Madison, the Borough of Mendham, Mendham Township, Morristown and Morris Township, hereinafter collectively referred to as “the Ten Towns,” have certain acreage of their municipalities located within the Great Swamp Watershed (Watershed) as defined by the U. S. D. A., Morris County Planning Board, and the Somerset County Planning Board; and
    Whereas, the economic and social vitality of the Ten Towns are supported by their close proximity to the Great Swamp (Swamp); and
    Whereas, the health of the Great Swamp Watershed is dependent upon the economic, social and environmental policies of the surrounding towns; and
    Whereas, the original Ten Towns Great Swamp Watershed Committee established in July 1995 has successfully completed its task of preparing a Watershed Management Plan for the Great Swamp Watershed; and
    Whereas, it is necessary to continue a formal organization to monitor implementation of the Watershed Management Plan and assist the Ten Towns, individually and collectively, in dealing with matters concerning the Great Swamp Watershed;
    Now, therefore, it is agreed that, the Ten Towns hereby establish the “Ten Towns Great Swamp Watershed Management Committee” (“the Committee") to provide on-going monitoring, coordination and assistance to the Ten Towns in implementing the Great Swamp Watershed Management Plan in accordance with the organization structure and procedures set forth herein.

The purpose of this Agreement is to establish an on-going Great Swamp Watershed Management organization to assist the Ten Towns municipalities in effectively implementing the Great Swamp Watershed Management Plan; to define said organization and the procedures for its operation; and to establish the term for the watershed management organization to conduct its activities.

There is hereby created the Ten Towns Great Swamp Watershed Management Committee.

  A. Membership
The Committee shall be composed of the following organizations:
  1. Bernards Township
  2. Borough of Bernardsville
  3. Chatham Township
  4. Harding Township
  5. Long Hill Township
  6. Borough of Madison
  7. Borough of Mendham
  8. Mendham Township
  9. Town of Morristown
  10. Morris Township
  11. U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Each member shall appoint a regular trustee and may appoint a maximum of two (2) alternate trustees, either one of whom may serve in the absence of the regular Committee member.
    At least one elected official from each municipal organization shall serve as either the regular trustee or an alternate.
    All municipal appointees shall serve a term of two years and be eligible for reappointment at the discretion of the Mayor and Governing Body.

B. Community Participation
It is also recognized that other groups such as other County agencies, State agencies, Federal agencies, and private organizations such as Chambers of Commerce have involvement and interest in activities in the Great Swamp Watershed.  It is the intention of this Agreement that the Committee, as constituted, will interact with all other agencies interested in the Great Swamp Watershed to provide their participation in the Great Swamp’s watershed management, as appropriate, to be implement the Watershed Management Plan for the public and community at large.  This participation shall include but is not limited to the following organizations:

  1. Morris County (as designated by the Board of Chosen Freeholders)
  2. Somerset County (as designated by the Board of Chosen Freeholders)
  3. The Great Swamp Watershed Association
  4. The Passaic River Coalition
  5. Morris Tomorrow
  6. New Jersey American Water Company
  7. Passaic Valley Water Commission
  8. New Jersey Department of Community Affairs
  9. New Jersey Builders Association
C. Officers
  1. Chair
    The Chair will preside at meetings of the Committee and supervise the general conduct of the Committee’s meetings.  The Chair will also serve as spokesperson for the Committee.
  2. Vice Chair
    The Vice Chair will conduct meetings in the absence of the Chair and perform other duties as requested by the Chair.
  3. Treasurer
    The Treasurer will oversee the conduct of all financial matters of the Committee in conjunction with the Executive Director.
  4. Secretary
    The Secretary will see that all Committee proceedings and documents are properly recorded and stored.  The Secretary will also sign official documents of the Committee as necessary.
    The Officers shall be elected by majority vote of the Committee at the annual reorganization meeting and shall serve until their successors have been elected.
    The Officers shall also serve as an Executive Committee to organize activities of the Committee.

D. Executive Director
The Committee will appoint a part-time Executive Director.  The Executive Director’s duties shall include:

  1. Provide general coordination of all Committee activities.
  2. Prepare the agenda for all Committee and Sub-Committee meetings.
  3. Provide for all administrative activities including preparation of correspondence, minutes, and other written materials; negotiation of contracts and any related administrative actions needed to effectively implement Committee actions.
  4. Prepare an annual budget for review of both the Executive Committee and the full Ten Towns Committee.
  5. Provide assistance in seeking funds for operating activities of the Committee.
  6. Provide contact with government agencies, private organizations, as appropriate, to carry out the activities of the Committee.
  7. Perform such other duties as requested by the Committee.
The Executive Director shall be compensated at a rate to be established annually by agreement, approved by the Committee.

G. Sub-Committees
The Committee may create sub-committees, as needed, to undertake special activities.  Sub-Committees will initiate studies, complete investigations, prepare reports and drafts for the benefit of the Full Committee.  Sub-Committees will generally consist of three trustees.  The Chair of the Committee will appoint the Chair and members of any Sub-Committee.  Sub-Committees will also interact with other interested groups, as appropriate, to accomplish their objectives.  Persons who are not trustees of the Committee can be appointed as ex-officio members of Sub- Committees.

H. Meeting Procedures

  1. The Committee will hold an annual reorganization meeting during the month of June.. Regular Committee meetings will be held once a month or at the discretion of the Chair.  Meetings will be open to the public with time designated for public comment.  Notice of meetings of the Committee shall be provided in accordance with the New Jersey Public Meetings Act.  The presence of at least seven trustees of the Committee as defined in Section III, (A) above shall constitute a quorum.
  2. Matters requiring a vote shall have seven affirmative votes of Committee members to be approved.
  3. The conduct of meetings will be governed by ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER.

The purposes of the Ten Towns Great Swamp Watershed Management Committee are to monitor and assist in implementing the Great Swamp Watershed Management Plan.  To accomplish these objectives, the Committee will undertake activities, subject to available funding, which activities may include:

  1. Present the Watershed Management Plan to municipal officials in the Great Swamp Watershed, other governmental officials and the public.
  2. Provide direction and coordination in the implementation of the Great Swamp Watershed Management Plan.
  3. Provide a forum for open discussion of water quality, water quantity, ground water, water supply and watershed management issues.
  4. Provide a vital communication link between the member organizations and two counties for ensuring that all watershed related planning activities are performed on a watershed basis.
  5. Provide technical assistance to the member organizations in the watershed on water quality, water quantity and watershed management issues.
  6. Establish a public education program to improve understanding of watershed management issues particularly in the Great Swamp Watershed.
  7. Coordinate an on-going water quality, water quantity and watershed monitoring program to document the ecological and hydrological condition of the Great Swamp and its tributaries.
  8. Provide annual updates of water quality, water quantity and watershed management activities in the watershed.
  9. Perform, coordinate and/or oversee scientific research projects on the Great Swamp and its watershed.
  10. Update the Watershed Management Plan from time to time as required and recommend these revisions and related regulatory measures for adoption by municipalities in the Great Swamp Watershed.

The Executive Director will prepare an annual budget for review by the Executive Committee and presentation to the Full Committee for adoption.
    After adoption, the Executive Committee will be authorized to expend funds within the limits of budget appropriations.
    The Committee has and will continue to seek funding from a variety of sources and develop methods of funding in order to successfully accomplish Committee activities.

This Inter Municipal Agreement shall have a term of five (5) beginning January 1, 2005.  It shall subject to renewal on January 1, 2010, and thereafter, in accordance with provisions of the New Jersey Interlocal Services Law (NJSA40:8A-1).


Municipality Mayor Attest Date
Bernards Township
____________________ ____________________ ________
Bernardsville Borough
____________________ ____________________ ________
Chatham Township
____________________ ____________________ ________
Harding Township
____________________ ____________________ ________
Long Hill Township
____________________ ____________________ ________
Madison Borough
____________________ ____________________ ________
Mendham Borough
____________________ ____________________ ________
Mendham Township
____________________ ____________________ ________
Town of Morristown
____________________ ____________________ ________
Morris Township
____________________ ____________________ ________
U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service
____________________ ____________________ ________
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