Ten Towns Committee
Tenth Anniversary
On June 24, 2005, the Ten Towns Committee celebrated its 10th anniversary.  The event showcased the many accomplishments of the Ten Towns Committee and included displays by other regional organizations that have helped protect and preserve our watersheds and natural heritage.

The Committee planted and dedicated a red maple tree to honor Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen for his longstanding support of the Great Swamp.  See the tree and proclamation.  Congressman Frelinghuysen placed congratulatory remarks in the Congressional Record.

This event also offered a sneak preview of the site that is to become the new Visitors Center for the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge.  Refuge Manager Bill Koch described the acquisition of this property on Pleasant Plains Road in  Logansville  .

The GSNWR then announced the selection of its USFWS "Natural Resource Restoration Assistance" Cooperative Agreement partners.  The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service is committed to building partnerships that encourage conservation and preserve our natural and cultural resources, to bringing innovative approaches to solving land and water management issues, and to working with partners to resolve complex ecological issues toward a common goal.
Clay Stern, USFWS; Phil Rosenbach and Mady Devine, Harding Land Trust; Catherine Schrein, Somerset County Parks; Harry Gerkin, Ten Towns Committee; Mayor William O'Connor, Chatham Twp; Ruth Kerkeslager, Great Swamp Watershed Association; Mike Horne, USFWS; Bill Koch, USFWS Refuge Manager



Dr. Leonard Hamilton, outgoing Chair, gave the Keynote Address, "Sustainable Stewardship".  He was then honored by Jan Wotowicz, the newly elected Chair.

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Tenth Anniversary
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